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canyoning formation

in sao jorge island - azores

Due to the growing interest in this sport of nature, we are going to give a basic canyoning training to provide the participants with basic skills in this sport.

This information does not allow participants to practice this sport autonomously, but they will be provided with enough knowledge and skills to practice this activity with the supervision of a regular level 2 canyoner and with the bases for the Canyoning level 2 training.

This training will be divided in two weekends, with theoretical information and practical performances.



march 16, 17 and 18

Friday: 20h:00 to 23h:00

Saturday: 09h:00 to 16h:00

Sunday: 09h:00 to 16h:00

march 24 and 25

Saturday: 09h:00 to 16h:00

Sunday: 09h:00 to 16h:00

Formação de Iniciação ao Canyoning  na Ilha de São Jorge - Açores


 Presentation and history of the sport

 Environment and responsible access

Progression techniques: abseiling, jumps, Ziplines, pro

Técnicas de progressão: rapel, saltos, tobogãs, progression

Maneuvers in rope

Security and risk in the canyoning

First Aid and Hypothermia


You need to know how to swim;

 16 years old or older (minors must have permission from parents);

Submit your application and pay;


16 march

Nght: 20h:00 - Formação teórica

17 march

Manhã: 09h:00 - Formação prática - Manobras em Corda

Tarde: 09h:00 - Formação prática - Manobras em Corda

18 march

Formação prática / Canyoning


24 march

Formação prática / Canyoning

25 march

Manhã: 09h:00 - Formação prática / Canyoning

Tarde: 19h:00 - Auto e hetero avaliação

Noite: 20h:00 - Jantar convívio (Facultativo)